Small Business Funding

Despite sometimes erratic conditions in the economy – which will, truth be told, always exist – owning a small business is still the dream for many people. The economic pendulum will always swing but if businesses are able to establish a foothold in their chosen niche, then there is the opportunity to maintain consistent success, and even growth. Small business funding provides the opportunity for getting these businesses off the ground; however, beyond that, complete funding for small business allows for that business’s continued expansion and the potential for financial prosperity for years to come.                               

Loans for small business are not that easy to come by in the current market. What money is available is very often limited and comes at the price of tedious and often complicated qualification processes. My business cuts through the red tape and offers small business start-up loans to those potential companies that I deem to have solid potential. Yes, I provide funding for small business; but understand that this is an investment that I choose to make with my personal investment capital. Therefore, I am wholly committed to the long-term success of that business.

Beyond the financial support, I am able to offer my considerable contacts, expertise, and strategic background to companies across a variety of industries – from environmental technology and manufacturing to consumer products and communications. I have been fortunate throughout my career to enjoy success with businesses across a wide platform of industries and I have been able to take that practical experience and apply it directly towards helping those businesses in which I have a vested interest.

To me, when it comes to a successful small business, funding is just the first step. Without proper financial execution, a fine tuned strategy, and strong company management, the money will only take you so far. This is why I have made it part of my investment strategy to allocate capital funds for the growth of companies throughout the United States, Canada, and the UK. My success comes through the success of the companies that I fund – and I bring everything I have to the table to help pave a road to achieving that goal.