Welcome to davidhaig.ca

For those of you who have followed previous forums to which I have contributed the occasional blog, you will know that my business and personal interests, as well as my opinions, are broad ranging and at times effusive.

This is not to say that I regularly espouse views which are intentionally controversial or inflammatory, however from time to time you may find that my opinions, on matters such as business strategy, public policy, corporate finance, global current events, and philanthropic issues, though straightforward can be incisive.

I do not blog about matters of religion nor do I become involved in debate about or the politics of religion – these are matters which I believe are personal and private to each individual, whatever their beliefs, and have no place in business.

Politics? On occasion, I may provide an opinion in this regard, however they will most often be limited to matters of public, business or fiscal policy as opposed to social policy. My comments and opinions are never meant to insult or degrade, and great care will always be taken to avoid such.

What do I blog about? The majority of my blogs will fall into the following categories: business matters, personal interests, philanthropic activities, and news/announcements.

If you should ever wish to submit your own blog, on an issue that is important to you, relevant to the intent and direction of this website, or one that you feel would be of interest, assistance or a public service to others, please do not hesitate to connect – the one condition being that we do not accept anonymous submissions or postings. If what you have to say is truthful and worth saying, then you should not be afraid to stand behind it.

Ever Forward!