Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is the difference between the activities of the Haig Family Trust (HFT) and the Haig Family Office (HFO)?

    The Haig Family Office (HFO) has been established to manage personal investments in public and private equity, and to oversee certain administrative functions such as accounting, taxation, legal affairs and philanthropic coordination. This office does not serve as an investment advisor to un-related entities nor does it accept third-party wealth management clients. The Haig Family Trust is a separate and distinct entity, with its own Board of Trustees, that holds certain investments in corporate, intellectual and real property.

  • What kind of investments does the Haig Family Office (HFO) typically prefer to make?

    Primarily equity, quasi-equity and / or convertible debt.

  • Do you still undertake corporate advisory, strategy and turn-around assignments?

    Yes, I do. Having experienced both the highs and lows of being an entrepreneur, business manager, and investor; I believe I have a considerable reservoir of experience, expertise and international contacts, that can greatly benefit other business owners and managers.

  • How engaged are you with the charities you sponsor?

    In the past, my involvement had been limited to making financial contributions and attending the occasional fund-raising event. Since 2010 however, I have become much more involved, sitting on boards and committees, managing fundraising and awareness campaigns, becoming involved with and visiting the direct beneficiaries of the charities, and helping to conduct my own business activities in a socially responsible manner.

  • Do you accept Board of Directors positions with companies in which you are not affiliated or invested?

    Yes, provided that (i) the company operates in an industry in which I have experience, (ii) the Board is a functional body and adheres to proper governance principles, and, (iii) the company meets my due diligence criteria.

  • What kind of speaking engagements do you accept?

    I prefer those where the audience has the opportunity to come away from the forum or event having learned something or become better in business for having attended. In the past, I have most enjoyed speaking with student groups, chambers of commerce, industry and trade associations, business and investment symposiums and entrepreneurial groups.

  • How many countries have you traveled to and conducted business in?

    I’ve actually not counted for a long time. I figure I’ve visited about 45 countries for either business or pleasure. I’ve conducted deals, made investments and worked with clients on every continent except for Antarctica – the last one proving an elusive locale to find quality opportunities.

  • What is your favorite stage of development for companies you work with as an advisor, consultant or executive manager?

    I prefer to work with start-up, small-cap and mid-cap (public or private) growth-oriented companies, where I am able to make a meaningful and measurable contribution the company’s revenue growth and long-term success.

  • Which industries do you typically gravitate towards?

    Over the years, I have had the opportunity and privilege of working with a lot of great companies in many industries. My experience, skill-set and contacts are such that they can be applied broadly to many different industries and situations. That said, those in which I have achieved the greatest success and enjoyment include manufacturing, resources, communications & technology, consumer products, sustainable and environmental technologies, and bio-technology.

  • Can you explain the details of your 3rd / 3rd / 3rd charitable donation program?

    Yes, I can. This refers to the distribution of fees earned from corporate finance and advisory assignments I take on from third-party referrals. One-third of the revenue is apportioned to the referral partner as a commission, one-third to charity, and the remaining third to myself.

  • I've read things about you!

    Not all bad, I hope. I have been in business for many years, and on occasion have tangled with or offended a few people. The few instances, in my case, being the unintended consequence of dismissing an employee or choosing not to finance or participate in a venture of questionable merit.