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  • Aug 29 2017
    Welcome to

    For those of you who have followed previous forums to which I have contributed the occasional blog, you will know that my business and personal interests, as well as my opinions, are broad ranging and at times effusive. This is not to say that I regularly espouse views which are intentionally controversial or inflammatory, however  Read more ➝

  • Aug 17 2017
    Venture Capital Funding Basics

    These days, seeking out alternative funding for small business start-up loans has almost become a necessity. Strict lending guidelines, lengthy – and ultimately unsuccessful – qualification processes, loan limits, and costly terms have made the traditional lending environment tricky at best. Venture capital fundingoffers an alternative road for start-up funds and is offered through private  Read more ➝

  • Aug 04 2017
    Small Business Funding

    Despite sometimes erratic conditions in the economy – which will, truth be told, always exist – owning a small business is still the dream for many people. The economic pendulum will always swing but if businesses are able to establish a foothold in their chosen niche, then there is the opportunity to maintain consistent success,  Read more ➝

  • Jul 24 2017
    A Twist on the Art of Negotiation

    I try to take a little time each week to learn more about those techniques and approaches that others have found useful in their business or personal lives. A few weeks ago, I came across an interesting take on negotiating on LinkedIn, which was further defined, expanded upon and supported in a book written by  Read more ➝

  • Jul 03 2017
    Working with Private Lenders

    What are private lenders? Before we get into what private money lenders are, let us discuss what they are not. As private investors we are not in the job of connecting businesses with available third party funding; we are not brokers that arrange financial partnerships for a fee. Rather, the funding that private lenders provide  Read more ➝

  • Jun 02 2017
    What is Angel Investing?

    What is angel investing? It seem as though this particular phrase has gotten quite a lot of attention in recent years and has become the buzz words of alternative small business funding. The “angel” in this scenario is the investor – the person who provides capital for small business start-ups. First, let’s examine the technicalities  Read more ➝

  • May 23 2017
    Start Up Business Loans

    Starting a business – any business in any industry – is no small feat. Anyone who has ever gone through the process can attest to the fact that there are an inordinate number of details that must be addressed in order to put a company in the best possible position for success. Nothing can be  Read more ➝

  • May 11 2017
    The Dangers of “False Consensus”

    People tend to overestimate the extent to which others share their views, beliefs, and experiences – the false-consensus effect. False consensus often leads strategists to overlook important threats to their companies and to persist with flawed strategies. Some of the causes include: confirmation bias – the tendency to seek out opinions that support our own  Read more ➝

  • May 05 2017
    Beware “Sunk-cost” Thinking in Financial Decision-Making

    Late last year, while participating in a Board meeting on which I served for a client, I was reminded of the old adage “throwing good money after bad”, and dismayed by how costly it could potentially be for a company. Although a familiar strategy for private and corporate investors, looking to “average-down” and lower their  Read more ➝

  • Apr 17 2017
    The Value of Strategic Investors

    Throughout my career, I have worked extensively with private equity firms, venture capital firms, hedge funds, family investment offices and high net worth individuals (HNWI’s) to raise investment capital for entrepreneurs, start-ups and growing businesses. These financial firms and executives are in the business of making investments in companies and realizing a return on their  Read more ➝