Entrepreneurship and Investment

Corporate Advisory

Assisting small and mid-cap companies with corporate strategy, international growth and expansion, financial and operations management, development of strategic partnerships, and the acquisition of investment capital (debt or equity).

Direct Personal Investments

Allocating personal investment capital into a diversified portfolio of private equity investments in start-up, small and mid-cap public and private companies in Canada, the United States and the UK.

Company Management

Interim executive management, turnaround and growth, and non-executive director services for companies and not-for-profit organizations.


Work with our team of experienced industry and business professionals ready to partner with you and grow your company

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We rise by lifting others

I have long been of the opinion that philanthropy is good business, not in terms of tax deductions and publicity, but as a means by which many great works are accomplished. Throughout my career, I’ve enjoyed supporting many outstanding charitable organizations focused on improving the lives of children and the less fortunate in our society.

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He has extensive hands-on expertise in strategy formulation, resource planning and budgeting, business planning, corporate finance, integrated knowledge-management systems, performance management, system dynamics and International project development.

David is widely recognized as an intelligent, resourceful, innovative and inclusive leader and manager. His dedication and competence are founded on solid core values, and his integrity is second to none. His success in planning, executing and coordinating very complex and time-sensitive projects is impressive.

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The Latest From David Haig

  • Aug 29 2017

    For those of you who have followed previous forums to which I have contributed the occasional blog, you will know that my business and personal interests, as well as my opinions, are broad ranging and at times effusive. This is not to say that I regularly espouse views which are intentionally controversial or inflammatory, however  Read more ➝

  • Aug 17 2017

    These days, seeking out alternative funding for small business start-up loans has almost become a necessity. Strict lending guidelines, lengthy – and ultimately unsuccessful – qualification processes, loan limits, and costly terms have made the traditional lending environment tricky at best. Venture capital fundingoffers an alternative road for start-up funds and is offered through private  Read more ➝

  • Aug 04 2017

    Despite sometimes erratic conditions in the economy – which will, truth be told, always exist – owning a small business is still the dream for many people. The economic pendulum will always swing but if businesses are able to establish a foothold in their chosen niche, then there is the opportunity to maintain consistent success,  Read more ➝